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In order to improve the company's competitiveness, in terms of marketing strategy, the company plans to invest 30 million yuan to build a plan of "Jinli Family" chain franchise stores, focusing on entering the terminal market.

In terms of brand development strategy, the company focuses on developing high-end products, invests 3 million yuan to cooperate with domestic well-known brand planning companies, carries out in-depth brand planning, redesigns and develops products with international competitive advantages, and prepares for the creation of China's well-known trademark.

In terms of talent development strategy, the company invests more than 1 million yuan to establish “Jinli Oil and Fats Business School” to train employees internally in production technology and management capabilities, and train Jinli family members and partners externally in operation management and marketing.

The company advocates corporate culture vigorously. Company culture is the dream and value pursued by all “Jinli people”, and the standard of work style, living habits and behavioral norms for “Jinli people”. It is characteristic spiritual wealth of the company in the process of business management. It is a symbol of willpower and cohesiveness of the company's employees. It allows “Jinli people” to achieve the company's vision and make them strive for it.

Our goal
● In three years, make “Jinli” a well-known trademark in China;
● Achieve sales of 5 billion yuan within 5 years and become a listed company;
●  Become a top 500 Chinese company within 10 years;
● Within 15 years, become China's franchise chain enterprise and become the first sales platform for urban and rural areas in China.

Our vision
● Become the largest service provider of safe food in China and create the greatest consumer value for human beings.