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ABOUT US--Jinli Oil

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Development History

Jinli Oils & Fats (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production, management and processing of edible vegetable oils. It mainly sells edible oil products such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, corn oil, rice bran oil and coconut oil.

Jinli Oils & Fats (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (formerly Wujiang Jinyang Oil Factory) invested 30 million yuan in 1996 to build a refining workshop and a small packaging workshop. It has introduced a full refining production line from DESMET of Belgium with German core equipment and international advanced level. It introduced an automatic oil packaging and filling production line from ELF company of the United States; in 1999, it invested 26 million yuan to complete the second phase of project - construction and warehousing of pre-pressing and leaching workshop, and improving dock facilities (the total oil tank capacity is 25,000 tons, total capacity of oil silo is 18,000 tons, total area of closed warehouse is 11,500 square meters; 15 ships with the maximum load of 400 tons, and 35 railway oil tankers stationed in Suzhou).


Wujiang Jinyang Oil Factory German core equipment: centrifuge Belgian DESMET dewaxing process

Due to excellent and stable products quality, the number of international and domestic customers is increasing. Demands for refined products of oils and fats have soared especially. In order to solve the tight supply of products, the company decided to invest 12.8 million yuan more in 2008, adding a set of 200- ton of refining equipment and dewaxing equipment for daily processing of sunflower oil, corn oil, etc. In early 2009, Wujiang Jinyang Oil Factory underwent enterprise restructuring. The company name was changed from "Wujiang Jinyang Oil Factory" to "Jinli Oils & Fats (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. ".


Jinli Oils & Fats (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 200-ton of refining production line Fully automatic filling line
Jinli Rapeseed Planting Base Quality Control Department (liquid chromatograph) Quality Control Department (gas chromatograph)

Looking forward to the future, edible oil of Jinli brand has first-class quality and excellent service. We believe that under the wise decision of company's management, Jinli Oils & Fats (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. will have a bright future.